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having firmly believed that, we, the peoples, settling in the Amhara National Regional State, would be able to attain rapid economic growth, durable peace and full-fledged democracy, only when we do mange to possess our own constitution founded on the spirit of the constitution of the Federal Democratic republic of Ethiopia, taking into account the concrete circumstances of our regional state and thereby enabling us to exercise our constitutional rights dully respected thereto fully and unrestrictedly;

Recalling that, dependent on the above noted background, we had deliberated upon and adopted the regional constitution which has, to this day, been in effect for the very first time on the 22nd day of June 1995 through the agency of our representatives elected from amongst us in a direct participation and democratic manner and sent to the founding congress of the regional council; and thereby the same regional constitution in force /as amended beforehand / deserves to be, after a deep and thorough examination, revised and promulgated in such a way as to incorporate and exhibit an efficient governmental organization accountable to the electorate and strictly following transparent working procedures to the extent of the requirements demanded by the state of affairs which we are in at the moment;

Now, therefore, have hereby approved the whole text with an undivided vote, to day, on the 5th day of November 2001 in the third regular secession of the regional council held here in Bahir dar, after having thoroughly deliberated upon the revised constitution and deeply examined its specific articles, whose initial draft had to be prepared and submitted to us by the body designated as such for the purpose,

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